Friday, November 16, 2007

Why Countries Have Borders

In my mind I wonder so many things about this. Fear, power, culture, a sense of independence or maybe it is to show that when you cross into someones territory you have to follow their own laws. Whatever the case I see that it is shameful either way. Yes they were built to show a transition from one country to another, but what I find shameful is how we don't combine together. Why must we stay separate? We all are raised a different way that is true and we hate people that are different then us. Yet some us look beyond that and see something that is pure, the spirit. We all may have been taught differently but we are all the same. Why do we think we are different from everyone else when we aren't. Listen closely to everything around you and think of everything you hear. You will sense that everything is the same they all have something in common. Perhaps that is why they have borders so people won't find any spiritual enlightenment or the other which is total war because we barely know how to live together, because in our minds we think everyone is different. Well I just want to say one thing we are just like everyone else we just don't like to admit it.


dufflover69 said...

Listen fucktard countries have borders purely for 2 reasons. One is security and the other is immigration. We need the borders because they help to stop terrorists getting across the borders, who might wish our country and it's people harm. We also need them to help illegal immigrants crossing through and over populating the place, taking our jobs and money back to their country. What do we do then? Just say "Come on in boys and girls you can take our jobs we don't mind since your country is so shit we'll starve just so you can have a better life? Are you fucking kidding me? Long live the borders if we open them we'll have people from all over the globe coming here to work. It's not about them, it's about us. Look after yourself before you look after others. You are a stupid fucktard for even writing the article.

Benny Goodtimes said...

Grow up dufflover. I think he's entitled to his take on the matter, and he certainly wasn't forcing it upon anyone, just asking a few questions.

Hal said...
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